Monday, June 20, 2016

How To Spice Up Your Relationship

When you think of spices, what comes to mind? You think of herbs, delicious added flavors, usually to make food taste better, right? Well, relationships need spices also, not literal spices, but the concept of adding flavor to make it better. There's only one way to do that. Try something new. Simple right?

 Add Physical Spice

Try something new outside the bedroom walls. If you're having sex only in the bedroom, only at a certain time, or in the same positions, it's time to add some spice. Be intimate with your partner in new locations (travel), try new positions, add new toys...etc. Being physical is not only about sex, you can also do things together that you have never done before such as yoga, playing tennis, going for a dance lesson, painting together, gardening, and so much more.

Add Verbal Spice

Say new things that you normally won't say. Communicate to your partner your love and appreciation for him/her at least once a day. You can communicate in other ways such as a poem, love note in his/her lunch bag, spontaneous text message ...etc. Saying it out of your mouth, while looking into your partner's eyes is highly recommended. Along with communicating your love, communication overall is essential in a relationship. Always share your experiences, your concerns, your thoughts with your partner respectfully.

The Ultimate Spice - Mental Spice

Mental spice can only be achieved with a combination of physical and verbal spice. Mental spice deals with your partner's internal connection to you, how you make him/her feel based on the things you say or do. With the right amount of physical and verbal spice(not too much, but not too little) you will keep your partner confident about the relationship, wanting you, thinking about you, and continuously growing more in love with you. Mental spice is the ultimate goal for all relationships. This connection helps your partner to know and respect your likes and dislikes. This is when your partner is able to trust you, their thoughts about you is overly positive (negativity does not stand a chance), and he/she knows that you are on their side no matter what.

Never force your partner to do anything, respect each other and the union. I hope this was helpful to you and your relationship. Go forth and try something new! Spice up your life!