Men Before You Cheat Read This

Lately, it seems like "cheating men" are trending. And it's very upsetting. So I've decided to give you men a little heads up on the damage you may cause. Ladies you can add your two cents in the comments below. Before you cheat,  know that this is how most woman will feel if you cheat on her, and  how you might feel if you are caught cheating.

You Don't Love Her
It's better to walk away from someone that you don't love, than to pretend to love them and intentionally hurt them. You might think in your head that you love this person, but deep down inside you don't. You might care for them, but you don't genuinely love them. If you truly love someone, you will never intentionally do something that will crush their heart. Cheating on someone is not a mistake. All relationships go through a process, even cheating relationships. You meet someone, you flirt with them, y'all have conversations, go out on dates, and the next thing you know.... their tongue is down your throat. No mistake there, that's an intent that was executed. Just walk away before you decide to cheat.

Trust Don't Live Here Anymore
Still wanna cheat? The aftermath of cheating is that she just won't trust you like she did before. You could apologize a million times and promise till your lips fall off your face. The trust just won't be the same. And where trust is lacking, unhappiness resides. Which leads me to my next point.

You Will Feel Like Crap- 100% Guaranteed
If you think the person you cheated on feels like crap, wait until you witness their emotions after you've intentionally hurt them. Wait until they've told their family members and friends about what you did to them. You will feel like the most enormous pile of cow feces that ever existed. And because you feel like crap, you will try to make her feel like crap. Like it's her fault you're a cheating scum. If you cheated on someone and don't feel like crap, then point 1 is true, and you're just a crappy person. Real talk.

You Stay, They Hurt
After you've cheated on that person, they forgave you, and decided to stay with you....problems! You will still hurt them, whether you want to or not. Of course God can whip up some type of miracle, but if you don't have a tight relationship with him.....well there's no coming back from a cheat. Yes God can help you with the forgiving process, and he can help you tolerate the person, but he won't erase your memory. One can attempt to hide it or forget about it, but every time she's upset with you, she will remember you cheated, and instantly be 10X angrier than she should be. She will try to love you, but you have made yourself somewhat unlovable. It's hard to love someone that has hurt you so deeply. 

Created a Damaged Heart
Some women recover after being hurt and find someone that will truly love them for who they are. But others, well thanks to someone cheating on them, will be bitter for the rest of their lives. They will have their guards up all the time, they will frown at the appearance of love, they won't trust anyone, and they will think everyone might do them the exact same thing that a cheater did to them. So they will remain single, not because they want to, but because of what a cheater have done to their heart, it's damaged.

Men, before you cheat....don't. It's better to walk away from the relationship than to cheat.
Ladies, have you ever been cheated on? Share your thoughts in the comments below.