20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Him

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, for me it's Christmas time! I absolutely  love the holidays, celebrating the birth of Jesus, the music, the lights, the weather, the decorations, the food, the atmosphere....everything! The hardest part about it all is buying gifts.

Every year I ask my husband, what he wants for Christmas, and every year he says the same thing....nothing. Like really? So while everyone is opening presents, you expect absolutely nothing. I don't think so!

With that said, if you have a husband, boyfriend, brother, male friend that never wants anything, doesn't know what he wants, or you simply want to give him something from your heart for the holidays, then keep reading. You know him best, so ignore the things that won't suit him. Here are  20 holiday gift ideas for him.
  1. Cologne
  2. Watch
  3. Clothes (E.g. a casual outfit, dress shirts for work, jeans. Etc)
  4. Edible arrangements
  5. His favorite snacks
  6. Something that he likes that you don't do often
  7. A gift card from his favorite store or electronics store
  8. A replacement for something he abuses (e.g house slippers)
  9. Shoes
  10. Underwear
  11. Console Games (if he has one)
  12. Shaving Set (It will have  a trimmer, shaving cream, after shave, ..etc)
  13. Portable Battery Charger
  14. A good book
  15. A case for his electronic device
  16. Natural bath soaps
  17. Wallet (Make sure it looks better than the one he has)
  18. Personalized keychain (You can use a picture of you and him or/and create a personalized message)
I hope you found this list to be helpful. Have a happy holiday! Remember, be smart with money. Always shop around for the best prices.

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Peace & Love.


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