10 Things Every Dieter Needs

Ever since I've started dieting, I'm always researching things I should be eating more often, and things I should avoid. Yes, I have stolen a cookie from the cookie jar, but I also exercise and eat most of the things that my body truly needs. And so will you. What I've noticed with dieting, the more things you have at home to eat, the easier it is to stick to your diet. Eating out usually leads to eating too much, or eating things that should be avoided. With no further delays, here are the ten things every dieter needs at home.

1. Fruits
What's a diet without fruits right? Having a variety of fruits keeps it interesting. My favorites are bananas, grapes, kiwis, apples, blueberries, and pineapples.

2. Vegetables
Vegetables are good for you, eat it, and make it fun to eat. There are so many recipes online for almost every vegetable. Also some vegetables like potatoes, corn, and peas are good starch substitutes for white rice, pasta..etc.

3. Snacks
Dieting recommends you to eat smaller portions more often. In between meals, snacking helps to avoid feeling hungry. Getting some healthy organic snack options like plain yogurts, nuts, and snack bars are a must. Of course, you can snack on fruits and vegetables, like baby carrots, and any of your favorites. Also I recently sampled Naturebox, and they're pretty good. I loved the coconut cashew, and my 3 year old did too. If you don't have the money for it, there are many other healthy, affordable snack options out there.

4. Proteins
Proteins are a must. I'm a healthy meat eater. Small portions of meat is key. If you're like me, you like to switch up your protein options, right? Well, always keep a variety of proteins in your refrigerator. My favorite protein options are beans(lentils, black beans,& black-eyed peas), tofu, fish(salmon, tuna, sardines, & kingfish), peanut butter, and other meats(chicken & beef). I make a mean bean patty with this recipe. You can use any bean, but the darker bean, the healthier it is.

5. Extra Virgin Olive oil
I try to avoid fried foods as much as possible. So when I do want to fry something, olive oil is a healthier option. It is kinda thick so a little goes a long way. I use it to dress my salads, pan sear my meats, and bake meats, potatoes, etc.

6. 100% whole wheat anything
Get rid of anything white in your pantry. Replace that white bread, white rice, sugary cereals with brown rice, 100% whole wheat bread, and whole wheat or whole grain cereals. You can even buy wheat germs and add it to your smoothies, snacks, and anything else that you eat.

7. Greens
Every time someone says they're on a diet, chances are they are eating salads more than usual. Having greens such as broccoli, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, brussels sprouts, and kale are some great options. You can eat them as a salad, in a sandwich, or added to a smoothie. The darker the greens, the better.

8. Natural Sweeteners
If you're like me, sweet treats are your enemy. Replace white sugar with honey, molasses, or brown sugar. And for those days when you're craving something sweet, dark chocolate is the business. And it's actually good for you. At the end of the day, sugar is sugar. Too much of it is still bad, whether it's natural or not. Avoid it as much as possible, and always use it in moderation. Less is better.

9. Milk
I drink any kind of milk, but I LOVE almond milk. Milk is a good source of calcium, along with other essential benefits. You know what they say, for strong bones & teeth, drink milk.

10. 100% Juice
I use to drink sodas, and other juices that were not 100% juice. Now that I am on a diet, it's amazing how many "juices" have a small percentage of real juice, and lots of artificial flavors. Read the labels of everything you buy. Make sure that it's 100% juice. Juice is naturally sweet, so of course, drinking too much juice is also bad. I try to drink 1/2 cup of juice per day, or none at all. Remember to drink lots of water daily. Find out how much water you should be drinking a day.

A common misconception, is that dieting is only for people that are trying to lose weight. While in some cases this is true, being on a diet is a lifestyle. Dieting is beneficial to maintaining a healthy body overall. Think about it. When someone is trying to lose weight, they decide to go on a diet, and maintain an exercise routine. After they lose the weight, don't they eat the same way they did when they were on a diet? Chances are they do. Especially if they want to keep the weight off and remain fit.

Set realistic goals when dieting. You can't avoid everything all at once. It is a process. Moderation is key. Too much of anything is bad. Dieting is a challenge, but well worth it. Your body is a reflection of what you put in it. So put healthy things in, and it will show in the appearance of your skin, and the overall look of your body. Do you need help with the recommended daily intake of each food groups? ← Click the link. Whether or not you are on a diet, these are things you should be eating anyways. The word "dieting" can have a negative connotation(e.g. restrictions, limitations. etc.) for some people. Instead of saying "I'm on a dieting", say "I'm eating healthy". It's the same thing.

I hope this helps! I've opened up with you, now it's your turn.

What are some of your dieting/eating healthy challenges?
 Are sweet treats your enemy as well?
Let's have a heart to heart in the comments below.

Peace & Love.


  1. I'm addicted to junk food :(

    1. Aren't we all(in my mind). I love French fries! But here's the thing, you don't have to completely cut out junk food, just mix it up. For instance, if you're craving some fried chicken, eat it with some homemade kale and sweet potatoes. Everything in moderation. :) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I'm glad u wrote on this subject..you are right "our body reflects what we put in it" and moderation is the key to everything...too much of one thing can kill you or hinder your health. Well as for me I been trying to gain weight...my goal is to be at my healthy weight which is 135...so for now I'm eating healthy n been drinking Ensures the vanilla flavored ones, and eating more wheat bread and chicken...I love fruits and I haven't been eating them on the daily basis but I will. Any tips on gaining weight?

    1. Hey Moy!
      I've always had issues with gaining weight as a child, but after high school the issue was losing it. Thank God, after the kids, the weight came off automatically. Bringing me down to 125. The most I've weighed for several years was 140, but that was overweight for my height. So from my experience, here are two tips for gaining weight. First tip, eat more often. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner eat big, but eat healthy. Snack 1-2 hours after each meal. Eat a lot of things I mentioned above. Second tip, exercise. If you don't exercise to tone the weight you're gaining, you might end up with a bulgy belly, a saggy butt, and love-handles. Exercising will tone them. I hope this helps and thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. My challenge is sweets also. I've been overweight forever, but I'm going to start dieting. You're right everything in moderation I've been eating too much junk too often. And it has affected my look for sure! Thanks for sharing this it''s time for me to stop making excuses and take control of my body. I love your blog btw. It's colorful and makes me happy. I'm a weirdo teh

    1. I'm glad you are taking charge of your body. It will be well worth it. I'm always happy to share what works for me, in hopes of it working for others. Lol @ the blog making you feel happy, not weird at all. You're making me feel happy lol! Thanks for loving the blog and be sure to subscribe, more good stuff to come.

  4. Caribbean QueenDecember 08, 2015

    Great tips. My challenge is snacking too much, and not eating enough vegetables.


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