Natures All Natural Product Review

I purchased this all natural Shea Butter and Almond oil Shampoo and Conditioner. It's from a small business located in Tortola called Natures All Natural. They were in the Virgin Islands showcasing their products at the hair show. While many people flocked to the pricey/ familiar brands, I figured this starting up business would have the same, or better for less dollars. And guess what, I was right!
When I select a shampoo, the first thing I do is smell it. Because the last thing I want, is to be walking around with hair that smells like Castor oil mixed with vinegar. The smell is AMAZING! Like while writing this review, I literally sniffed it 20 times.
I love to get my money's worth when purchasing a product, therefore I want it to last me a long time. This bottle seems small, but a little goes a long way. My head is not small, and I have a full head of thick hair. The first wash: I pumped three times, applied to my wet hair,  shampooed the hair to removed all the product build up, and then rinsed. It did not lather as much, because my hair was extremely filthy. So after I rinsed, I repeated. The second time I only used two pumps, and it lathered up nicely! If you're like me, a nice lather always make you feel like your hair is becoming super clean.
The Feel of My Hair
As soon as I applied the product to my hair, it instantly felt silky smooth. So I thought it was because of all the products I had in my hair. So after I rinsed it out and repeated, OH MY GOSH, my hair was in smooth heaven. Usually after shampooing and conditioning I need a detangler to get the knots out, but with this, NOPE! All I did was sprayed a little water to my hair and combed it out. My hair feels clean, soft, and smells awesome!

This shampoo and conditioner cost $15. I can't remember the exact size of the bottle, so I'm guessing it's a 12/14oz bottle. For an organic/all natural product, I'd say 15 bucks is worth it.
This 2 in 1 Shea butter and Almond Oil shampoo and conditioner is amazing! I will definitely be buying a replacement, when my bottle finishes. It's definitely a new favorite of mines.
Click this link to contact the owner, if your interested in trying it out for yourself. The image above also has the contact information on the pamphlet.
Peace and Love,