Love is Like a Rose: Part 1

I always enjoyed reading love stories and dreamed of finding my Prince Charming someday. For a while, I thought it would never happen. Don't get me wrong, I had boyfriends, but I just knew in my heart, they were only for a season and not a lifetime. After my last break-up, I decided to give men a break. I was tired of investing my emotions, time, and money to a man that eventually needed to exit my life. It was time I started to focus on me, my spiritual walk with God, school, making money, and achieving my goals in life. But when one door closes another always opens up.

While attending the University of the Virgin Islands, I never met guys that I saw a future with. Most of them were just interested in meeting females, hanging out, or having sex. And I was "not about that life".  There was this one guy though. We always had classes together and he was both an awkward nerd and a kinda cool guy. His personality was very similar to mines: he always had a smile on his face, and he had a great sense of humor. We spoke to each other briefly about class and other things in the moment, but our conversations were never personal.

Then there was this one time, our class had just finished and we were both walking to our cars together. I was talking to him about where I worked. I was so excited that day, because I had just won a pair of sunglasses that cost $275, but it was a man's sunglasses. I had him try them on. They looked pretty good on him. Guess what I did? I gave it to him. What! You gave some random guy a pair of sunglasses that cost $275?!! Yes I did. Because although he was a random guy, he was super sweet. I could just tell he had a good spirit. In the process of all this happening, I accidentally locked my keys in my car. He borrowed me his car, so that I could get my extra car keys from my mother.

The next day, he was still surprised that I had given him a free pair of designer sunglasses. He told me that his brother draws, and that he can have him draw a picture for me. Really? Was this the best this guy could offer? How about some cash? Haha! But he was being genuine, so I just accepted. One night, he texted me, saying that his brother had finished with the picture. He wanted me to meet him at the theater's parking lot to pick it up. I had just gotten out of class, it was around 8PM. I said yes. He was wearing a vest and some basketball shorts. Why did I remember such details? It was the first time, I saw his body. That's why. Guy had a frame, that was usually hidden behind a large shirt and long trousers. We talked for a couple hours, until my mother got worried and wanted me to come home. Apart from this time, we never saw each other outside of school.

In 2008, we had two classes together. One of which, I sat directly behind him and the other I sat next to him. He always wore polo shirts, pleated trousers, and his navy blue backpack tightly strapped to his back. He was very smart and he helped a good amount of us to pass the class. Little that I knew, this was only the beginning of the rest of our lives. In the second class, we had a group project, and of course he was one of my group members . We flirted a lot! Every time I saw him, I got so excited inside. We called each other husband and wife almost the entire semester.

Then I got nervous. Here was this guy calling me his wife, and I'm calling him my husband, yet he never asked me out. So I confided in one of my group members. I told her I really should stop calling him my husband, next thing he takes me too seriously vice versa. She told me, "He's a great guy." And kinda encouraged a relationship with him. While talking to her one thing caught my attention. She told me that he attended the same church that she did. What! A young man in his early 20s going to church all by himself?  I always prayed that God would bless me with a man that was more spiritually mature than I was. Maybe he was the one I thought, but I was afraid of being wrong yet again.

The semester was ending and guess what? He asked me out. We went on a few dates, and had a good time. Our friendship was growing beautifully.  But the fear came upon me again. I didn't want him to be just another guy that was all about sex. I did not want just another guy that seemed perfect, things change, and the relationship eventually ends. I wasn't ready to invest my time into another guy, and regret it later. So I wrote him the longest letter expressing my fears and what I hoped for in a man, and I read it to him. My hopes was that he would respectfully walk away and not waste my time, or that he wants the same things that I did and was willing to fight for it.

He assured me that he was never a guy to pursue women for sex. He told me that he has always occupied his time with work and school, and that he never had time for serious relationships. He told me that he doesn't want to waist his time either, and that if he gets into a relationship, it will be with someone he sees in his distant future. He said, he sees me in it and that if I wasn't ready for a serious relationship with him at the moment, he was willing to wait until I was ready. What happened next is no surprise.

That night, November 12, 2008, I got the title of being his girlfriend and he was my boyfriend. He was the best boyfriend a girl could ever have. He was handsome, respectful, loving, funny, God-fearing, smart, responsible, and goal driven. We talked on the phone for hours, we went to almost all the restaurants on island, we saw all the best tourist attractions, we texted each other everyday, and almost all day. I loved him and he loved me. On my birthday, July 23, 2009, we spent the entire day together. The day ended with a dinner date and a walk on the beach. We talked about our relationship thus far, and how happy we've been together. He told me that he will never let me go. So he got down on one knee, with a big smile on his face, and pulled out a box and opened it. It was a little dark, but I could see all the sparkles in the ring. He asked me to marry him. And I said YES! Then on May 22, 2010, we got married. This was the day that changed the rest of my life. The day I vowed my life to love and cherish,  the most precious gem I can call my own, my Ruby.

Love is like a rose,
As it grows it becomes more beautiful,
But it should be handled delicately,
Because it's thorns can be hurtful and it's petals can be easily torn.

If you enjoyed reading my love story, stay tune for part two. It will be about the thorns and delicateness of love being like a rose. Stay updated by following by email. You can also find me on Facebook and Twitter at HeartMamaVI (links are on the right).

What are your views on love? What was your love story like? Do you believe in destiny or choice? I would love to know, so do comment below.

Peace and Love,



  1. your Love story is so beautiful and inspiring that I want to write about mine... I will stay tune for part two...May God continue to bless your union!!!

    1. Thank you. You should definitely write yours. It's a nice experience.

  2. I love your love story... Can't wait to read part two! Thanks for sharing.... Love is a beautiful thing.

    1. Thanks! Part 2 will be quite interesting, so stay tune.


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