Ebola in the US

Hello there awesomeness! That's right I'm talking to you. TGIF and your weekend is here! I just wanted to drop an extra post for the week. Attention: I am about to partially rant, so bare with me.

Is it just me or are a lot of people not taking Ebola in the US into serious consideration? I hear so many people joking about it, a few seem concerned, while countless others are just acting like it's not happening. People are dying, mothers have lost their children, children have lost their parents, and the list goes on and on.Wake up folks! This is some serious stuff. People died and are still dying by the thousands with this deadly disease. Not forgetting, if you do contract this disease, you will have what seems to be a 50% chance of survival.

So with all this going on in Liberia, you would think they would have stopped people from leaving the place. But Noooooo! Here comes Thomas Eric Duncan and maybe others, spiteful, fully aware that he was in contact with Ebola victims landing on US soil. I guess he wanted the US to get in on the Ebola action, wicked!

Let's say the studies are true, that Ebola is an airborne disease, could you imagine how many people that might actually have been infected on the plane? And how those people affected are not just in one location and might have already spread it. But don't lose sleep over this folks, because the CDC director Tom Frieden says, "There is zero risk of transmission on the flight. ...I have no doubt that we will contain this." Great! I feel so much better now. Not! He later says, "We are all connected by the air we breathe." Well that helps a lot Tom, back to square one.

I don't believe the public is being told the entire truth, but that's the norm. At least we are aware and we know the possibilities. Protect yourself and your family. Take the necessary precautions, especially while in close proximities with those that appear ill. If you get a sudden flu-like symptoms, seek medical attention.
Plead the blood of Jesus over everything in our lives. Because although we can become fearful , God does not want us to fear. He is the only one we live for. And we have the victory over death, because when we die, we are one step closer to heaven.

What are your views on Ebola? Let me know, by commenting below.

"Love is like a Rose" Part 2 will be up on Wednesday, so be sure to read Part 1. Have a Blessed Weekend.

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  1. Well I think it was a matter of time when the United States would join the epidemic. The world pretty much turn it's back on Africa and the people there which are suffering from Ebola. This disease reminds us of how small the world really is. In addition some people think it's ethnic cleansing for us black folk.

    1. That's true, it is a small world after all. I wouldn't say that the world has turned their backs on Africa. Some may argue that what is being done for Africa is not enough, but it's something. For instance, America has spent billions of dollars to help with Ebola. They also sent 3000 troops to risk their lives to help. Nations are contributing, but Africa just needs a lot more. In terms of it being an ethnic cleansing, I wouldn't be surprised if it was. Just like I wouldn't be surprised if countries are creating diseases/viruses and testing them on Africans/blacks. We just can't rule anything out. Thanks for sharing your views. :)


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