My Planting Experiment

In the past, I have attempted to plant several crops, which eventually died due to pests, lack of attention, and/or poor planting locations.  This year I have decided to build a mini greenhouse, and plant most of my crops in raised beds, pans, buckets, pots, or basically anything that can hold a large amount of dirt.. I will share with you all the crops I planted, plans for them, and give updates on how they are doing. Join me on my planting experiment.
 In the picture above is my mini greenhouse which is 91"L x 105" W x 120" H . I built it from PVC pipes and plastic sheets. The reason for the greenhouse is to protect the plants from excessive sunlight, wind, rain, ...etc.  Some of the crops I planted are cold weather plants, but like I said this is an experiment so we'll see how they do.
Meet the Plants

Cherry Tomatoes
Green onions
I started of with green onions(soaking in some water before planting), cherry tomatoes, butternut squash, cantaloupe, and bell peppers(in the baking pans). The cantaloupes never grew and the cherry tomatoes are battling pesticides.
Plant Updates 
Green onions chopped and ready to freeze.
Harvested green onion

Butternut squash blooms

Fastest growing crop .. green onions.

Bell peppers will be transplanted to individual containers.
Infected Cherry Tomatoes :(

Butternut squash with male flowers

Showcasing the New Plants
Bush Tea plant

Sweet Seasoning Peppers

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Carrots almost ready to be transplanted

Yummy Spinach

String Beans
Lettuce doing really good!

Butternut Squash planted in the ground are doing great, but slugs has started feasting on the leaves.

Some more yummy spinach
I will be planting some other crops soon. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for quick updates. That's it! These are all the plants in my planting experiment. Any questions or comments, please share.
Peace and Love,