Being Debtfree by Relying on God

Thank you for taking the time out to read this post. It is lengthy, but please read it in it's entirety. On Sunday, our pastor spoke about truly relying on God. This is a topic that we have heard so often, and just when you think you understand it you don't. The pastor spoke about when you get into debt, you are not relying on God to provide for you. Instead you are deciding to take matters in your own hands and "owe to man".

Then the DEVIL instantly CAME, putting thoughts in my head. I started thinking: how will we be able to own a house if we don't get into debt, God will help us pay off the debt, the pastor probably got into debt to own the things he has, why can't I do the same, God might take too long...etc. And then the  pastor says,  some people when they leave the church they'll still find reasons to get into debt. Funny, I did not leave the church, and here I was already opposing what he was saying. That's how I knew those thoughts were from the Devil.

That's when I had THE REVELATION of my life! If I believe that God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly , and above anything I can ask or think, If I believe nothing is impossible for God, If I do only what God tells me to do, If I recite in church every Sunday that "I owe nothing to any man", why would I willingly go into debt and owe to man? Am I following God's will for my life or am I taking matters into my own hands, expecting a faster result?

God wants us to BE DIFFERENT. As believers we must be the light of the world in the midst of darkness. And how can we be different if we do things like normal people. Here's a scenario. You get out of high school, you go into debt to attend a college/university. You start of a career, only to pay of all those school loans that you have. Then you want a car, but can't pay cash for it. You go into debt to own a car. You want to own a house, but you don't have enough cash either, so you go into debt to buy a house. And this scenario goes on and on.  Now everything you think you own, you don't, because every month you're making payments and the day you can't make those payments, your "possessions" are gone.

You are NOT FREE. You truly become a "slave of the lender" (Proverbs 22:7). You must work to pay off debt, probably for most of your life. Do you truly believe that's God's will for your life? We are not just humans, you are a spiritual being. Don't fall into the Devil's trap to make you a slave to man. God wants you to be fully dependent on him. It's easier said than done. I know. But this is a big deal! It's very hard. Can you imagine, not getting into debt waiting on God to provide? Sounds silly to you? Are you thinking that God might take too long? Then this revelation is especially for you.

DEBT FREE IS THE WAY TO BE! Let go and let God truly deal with everything. Don't worry about what people will think about you. God has a bigger plan for you. If you're in debt, GET OUT OF IT. And if you are thinking about getting into debt, STAY OUT OF IT. Now is the time to be faithful, and let God do what he promises he can do for you.

I hope this was an encouragement to you. I feel that if many people had this revelation before they got into debt, they would have happier lives. Always remember true happiness comes only from God. Please share your thoughts and/or questions about this subject. I look forward to reading it.

Peace and Love,



  1. Oh wow this is so true.Thanks for sharing speaks to me!!

  2. HeartMamaVIMarch 11, 2014

    Hi Moy... I'm so happy this was an enlightenment to you. May God bless you and your family: )


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