Top 5 Ways to Keep Your Husband Happy

There are so many ways to make your hubby happy, but here are my top five ways:
  1. Stop Complaining. In a man's eyes he is doing the best he can to make you happy. However, women are different; we are naturally more emotional than men, and can't keep our feelings bottled up. We want his world to revolve around us and for him to treat us like the queens that we are. But here's the thing ladies, when a man truly loves you, everything he does automatically revolves around you and your well-being. When we complain it comes across as we are unhappy, unsatisfied, and makes a man very uninterested/stressed. Instead of complaining, show your appreciation for what he does do and in return he will continue to do more.
  2. Avoid doing things that he doesn't like. This one is a no-brainer. But guess what, it's easier said than done. Although men do not share their feelings as often, if something really bothers a man he will let you know. For instance, if you know your husband doesn't like when you leave your clothes on the bed, don't. Simple right?
  3. Keep him well fed. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." Well, that saying is very correct. Men tend to be grumpy when they're hungry, whether they care to admit it or not. Cooking a meal, making a quick sandwich, or bringing him his favorite snack can light up his heart.
  4. Be sexually active. Sexually active is another no-brainer...all types of sex works! Men are sexual beings ( so are some women), and as tired as we can be emotionally or physically...fulfill this need. It helps relieve the stresses/tensions of life for both you and him....if done correctly that is. 
  5. Be organized/clean. No, I am not saying to be a neat freak, but a little organization won't hurt. If a man is unorganized, the last thing he wants is a woman who's just as bad. Fixing the bed in the mornings, removing all your make-up stuff from the sink area, keeping your bags in one spot...etc.
With these top 5 ways and having God as the foundation of your relationship, the happiness is endless! What are your ways of keeping your hubby happy? Share, subscribe, and comment.

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Peace and love,