Feeling Lonely on Valentine's Day?

I remember my days of hating Valentine's Day. I would watch all the other girls parade the hallways with their boxes of chocolate, teddy bears, and flowers. I couldn't wait for the day I could have someone to celebrate their love for me everyday and a little extra on Valentine's Day. Until that day  comes here are my top 5 ways to defeat loneliness on Valentine's Day.
1. Treat Yourself. Whether it's a pedicure, manicure, a box of chocolate, take-out at a nice restaurant...etc. spoil yourself.
2. Hang out with one or some of your friends and family. There are many others that haven't found that special someone and they might just be one of your friends or family member. Get dressed in your sexiest attire and get out the house!
3. Be happy for others. It's pointless to be negative and bitter about Valentine's Day. Instead be positive. Genuinely show interest in what others are planning to do on this day and just be happy for them. Erase negativity or if you really can't just keep it to yourself.
4. Get closer to God. When you have an intimate relationship with God you won't feel the need to have someone celebrate their love for you, because God does that everyday. And later on when that someone special comes along it will just be an added perk.
5. Do something(s) that you really enjoy. If you have a hobby now is the time to indulge yourself in it. If you like to shop , go buy a new outfit. If you have a favorite movie, pop some popcorn and watch it.
Don't ever feel lonely on any day, especially on Valentine's Day. The world is filled with people looking for love and wanting to share love. Get out there! Enjoy this and every Valentine's Day. Share, comment, and subscribe. New post every Fridays!
Peace and Love,


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