OMG! 30 Weeks Pregnant!

Finally, I'm 30 weeks pregnant! My last visit was last week. I now have to visit the doctor every two weeks.  Everything's going great so far. My pre-pregnancy weight was 125 and my doctor suggested that I gain only 25lbs. I am currently 145lbs. So only 5 more pounds to go! Keep me in your prayers.

With my first pregnancy I had a C-section. For this pregnancy I have decided to have a VBAC(Vaginal Birth after Cesarean).  I've done my research and I feel it's a great option plus I'm an excellent candidate.  Right now my midwife says they have to obtain information on my operation records to find out if the incision on my uterus is vertical or horizontal. The external incision is horizontal, but she states sometimes the surgeons cut the uterus vertically. Strange! If it's vertical that means another C-section, but if it's horizontal "it's a go".

Anyways I pray that everything is in order for a successful VBAC. I will give more updates. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.