Two More Days Until the Ultrasound

I am so excited that this week my husband and I will finally get to see our bundle of joy inside my womb. He thinks it's a boy and I think it's a girl, but whatever sex the baby is we will both be content once our baby is healthy. We haven't searched for name options yet, Hubby wants to wait until he knows for sure what gender the baby is. This should be very interesting. He thinks he's right about this, because he was right about our we'll see. Having a boy would be cool too. He'd get to use his big brother's stuff and my son would have a little brother to tumble around with. But a little girl would be cool too...I could get to do all the Mommy and daughter things.

Today was such a productive one for me, I taught my son his lessons, did some light cleaning, and cooked a soup for dinner. It came out pretty good. I'm not a huge fan of soups, but when I do attempt to make something I try my best to make it taste good.
Chicken soup
Anyways, I'll keep you all updated on everything. Let me know if there are any hot topics you'd like me to talk about. Have a blessed day!

With Love,