Sex During Pregnancy

Thanks to my new Facebook page Heartmamavi, I was able to receive a topic suggestion. What is sex like during pregnancy?

With this pregnancy, sex is much more enjoyable. I'm thinking it's because I'm not as uncomfortable being pregnant as I was in my first pregnancy. Plus, I haven't gained as much weight and I pretty much feel the same way I felt at 3 months. I think what helped the most is before sex even  happens, you and your partner should find positions that works for the both of you. That way when sex is about to happen the moment isn't killed by trying to figure out what position works/will work.
I would recommend:
  • Use pillows to support the belly in "doggy style" positions and side positions
  • Being on top is always an awesome position 
  • Use lubrication as necessary if you're in air-conditioned or fan on with no sheets settings
  • Keep the lights on as always... will make you feel more comfortable knowing your partner finds you highly attractive with a huge watermelon in your belly :)
  • Use a chair with a sturdy backrest to hold on to while your partner relaxes
  • Avoid tiles and hard floor settings, can be extremely uncomfortable obviously
  • Sitting on a "not too high" table is another comfortable position while your partner does most of the work
  • Days when you don't want to be too physical, oral sex works!
  • During sex try not to think too much about your belly and focus on pleasure
Pregnancy can cause you to be tired at times, but don't let this affect your sexual life with your partner. Try to boast your energy by exercising and eating super foods.  I hope this helps. Remember everyone is different so what works for me, might not work for you. Let me know what works or worked best for you all.

With Love,