My Husband Is Always Right!!!

Why does it seem like my husband is always right about everything? So we went for the ultrasound and while the lady was going over my belly...I saw a penis! I was the first to notice it. With that said...ITS A BOY! I'm super excited to meet my second lil' boy. My hopes is for him and his brother to have an awesome relationship.

Right now our living situation we have 1 additional bedroom. So it works out perfectly. Hopefully, by the time we do have a girl we will have all the space she needs. I saved all my son's baby stuff. So the only expenses I have with this baby is the cost for delivery and my doctors visits. I am grateful.

I have another doctors appointment this week. So I'll find out the results of the ultrasound. So now the big challenge is coming up with a boy name. My husband wants to name him either Bones, Samson, or Barak. All of which I do not like at all!
Have a blessed day and feel free to share your comments. Keep me in your prayers. Let me know if you have two sons, or all boys, and how is to deal with them?
With Love,