Baby Making Attempt #5

Technically it has been 6 attempts, but I decided not to count the 6th, because we tried just  a couple days before my expected period. With that said, the past five months has been filled with much  disappointments and pleasures all together.  It was So hard knowing that we were healthy and ready and still unable  to get pregnant.  It was a tough journey but guess what!!!???  I'm pregnant!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!
So I know.... you're probably wondering what we did differently. So we did some research and we saw that sperm could survive in the females body for a few days. For the past few we've been having sex every other day, every other couple days, or... few days.We  believed that they would survive between the days we missed. However  this month we figured the sperms aren't surviving; probably they exited with gravity.  So we had sex everyday, even two times a day on the most fertile days, which was two/three days before expected ovulation and POOF!!! My period is gone!!!!
So for all those out there trying,  don't give up, and try this method. It worked for us and maybe it will work for you.
Have a blessed day. Please leave any  comments or questions you may have.  I will definitely respond.


  1. Congrats toe ... I used to think how happy I would be if I was pregnant a baby that look just like me now I'm scared of even thinking about it ...I missed my period but its always irregular I pray to god not to be due to circumstances ... I have an appointment with the doctor so pray for me please :-)

  2. You are in my prayers. I hope God answers your prayers. But either way a baby is a blessing...and many wish to have them and can't. So whatever the outcomes are always be grateful. :)


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