Baby Making Attempt #3

Since I haven't posted in a while this blog will cover couple try to keep up. :)

This is our 3rd month trying. Well, our first attempt shouldn't count since we tried couple days before my period was suppose to come. So I guess it's fair to say, this is our 2nd attempt. Anyways, here are my plans. I must admit, this might be a little bit my fault, because I have been slacking off lately. Effective today: 1)I won't skip meals, 2)I will take my vitamins, 3)and I will exercise daily. My most fertile days are scheduled from the 8th-14th. Let's see if my efforts work.

Our initial plans were to have two kids, raise them till they're 2/3, then get back to work, make some cash, maybe have 1/2 more, and get back to money making. But since this isn't as easy as I thought it would be, I'm considering going back to work. I'm grateful if all I can have is one.

Next subject, I was chatting with a principal of a daycare/preschool/school and she was informing me that she recommend parents sending their kids to school early. She said that some kids after being home with their Moms for so long, they cry a lot and learn nothing. She said the longest a child went crying was two months!!

I'm being optimistic that my son won't be a problem, since he doesn't seem too attached to me. And he knows how to listen and pay attention, because I'm continuously training him to do so.But who knows, I can be wrong.

At what age did you send your child to daycare/preschool? How long did it take for him/her to adjust? Answer or share your comments on these subjects. I look forward to reading them. Have a blessed day!