Trying To Have a Baby

If you're like me , you're probably wondering, why do you have to try to have a baby. Unprotected sex should do the trick... right? Wrong! Well it's not as easy as the first time around. For many trying to have a second child could be very difficult. Here's my experience with this.

Last month, Hubby and I  tried to conceive (unprotected sex), but my period still came. So this month we tried during my most fertile days. On Sunday, I took a pregnancy test 5 days before my missed period. I know , I know...I could not wait! The suspense was killing me! Sadly, the test gave me a negative result.

But all hope is not gone. Perhaps I took the test too early or I'm really not pregnant. So I've decided that I'm not wasting another pregnancy test. I am currently waiting for my missed period (which is expected to come on Thursday.) We will see what happens! I am hopeful, because I went shopping for baby bump clothes during Cyber Monday... lol :)

Join my family life journey and share yours! :) I look forward to reading your comments/stories.