Hungry Toddler!

I usually take my son out every week, since he's usually home all week. There's this awesome place at the mall where he can play and rent toys/books. He absolutely loves it!!!!! You're probably thinking to yourself, "ok get to the juicy part"lol. SO here it is.

I decided to take him to his Grandma's house. In the morning, I gave him a 5/6oz bowl of oatmeal and 4oz milk, then a snack an hour and a half later. For lunch, I gave him a bowl of rice, carrots, and fish with 4oz juice, then a snack an hour and a half later. You get the point by now right? :) Here's the part that annoys me a little. After he finishes his food, his stomach looks like it's about to pop, but then if I'm eating something he crys like he's hungry. I don't want to overfeed him because his belly is so big. It's almost like he's never satisfied!!!

I know I'm feeding him enough, but he doesn't seem to know that he's full. Does your toddler have an exploding belly but still seems hungry? Does he/she embarrasses you when you're out and tries to grab someones food (like you're starving him)? Please share your experience. I look forward to reading your stories and comments.