Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's Talk About Sex

Why is it that women tend to act like they are not having sex? Is it me or is everyone on a hush hush about this subject? Yes I know's your personal life, but when the subject arise I don't think women should be shy about it.

Growing up my parents never talked about sex. I guess it was a forbidden subject. So I learned about it on the streets. Which in my opinion was not the best place to learn about it. Anyways, we are all adults here so let's talk about sex.

A girlfriend and I were chatting and the subject turned from kids to sex. She explained how her sex life is almost non-existant. She's married and disclosed that they only have sex an average of 4-5 times a month. Some people may be thinking "that is A LOT"!!!lol But she thinks that's a little bit compared to when they first got married.

I'm just a bit curious, and maybe my age has a lot to do with this(20s). But I was thinking, happily married couples should be having sex an average of 3-4 times a week  or more...right? But I've noticed that the older couples get, the less they appear to be sexually active. Unless they are really good at hiding their super Who knows!

I was so curious so I asked a woman in her late 50s about her sex life and this is what she said. She explained that when she had just gotten married sex was done only to make babies. After the babies were made, it rapidly ended and so did her desire to have sex.

Wow! This came as a shocker for me. Really! Sex life ended after having kids! Ladies please comment whether married or this true? What are your views on the subject? I look forward to reading your comments. Have a blessed day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Trying To Have a Baby

If you're like me , you're probably wondering, why do you have to try to have a baby. Unprotected sex should do the trick... right? Wrong! Well it's not as easy as the first time around. For many trying to have a second child could be very difficult. Here's my experience with this.

Last month, Hubby and I  tried to conceive (unprotected sex), but my period still came. So this month we tried during my most fertile days. On Sunday, I took a pregnancy test 5 days before my missed period. I know , I know...I could not wait! The suspense was killing me! Sadly, the test gave me a negative result.

But all hope is not gone. Perhaps I took the test too early or I'm really not pregnant. So I've decided that I'm not wasting another pregnancy test. I am currently waiting for my missed period (which is expected to come on Thursday.) We will see what happens! I am hopeful, because I went shopping for baby bump clothes during Cyber Monday... lol :)

Join my family life journey and share yours! :) I look forward to reading your comments/stories.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Teaching Babies/Toddlers

When I was pregnant with my first child, I read a lot of baby books. Most of them recommended reading to the baby while they're in the womb. So I did. Then after my son was born, I did some research on how long to teach a baby/toddler and what exactly to teach them. Guess I was looking for a dummy version. No luck! I did not find exactly what I was looking for, but here is what I've been doing with my son. Try it and see the results.

 I started this when my son turned 9 months. But before he was 9 months, I would usually read to him, show him things around the house, and play with him. Now that he's 18 months, I try to spend at least 4 hours each day teaching him alphabets, shapes, colors, and numbers. These are the basics. Please don't teach your little one for 4 hours straight!! I've noticed that my son will stay alert  for 2 hours straight, after that I can forget it! But every toddler is different.

Then throughout the day I'll do some activities (e.g. fill the cup with water...nothing complex) and field trips (e.g walk through the garden looking for lizards and birds). He enjoys it!! He's also very interactive even though some of his words sounds like But I pretend to understand.

Some people think they're too young to start learning or to be taught, and others disagree. Share your stories and comments about what you did with your baby/toddler in terms of teaching. I look forward to reading them. Hope your day is blessed!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hungry Toddler!

I usually take my son out every week, since he's usually home all week. There's this awesome place at the mall where he can play and rent toys/books. He absolutely loves it!!!!! You're probably thinking to yourself, "ok get to the juicy part"lol. SO here it is.

I decided to take him to his Grandma's house. In the morning, I gave him a 5/6oz bowl of oatmeal and 4oz milk, then a snack an hour and a half later. For lunch, I gave him a bowl of rice, carrots, and fish with 4oz juice, then a snack an hour and a half later. You get the point by now right? :) Here's the part that annoys me a little. After he finishes his food, his stomach looks like it's about to pop, but then if I'm eating something he crys like he's hungry. I don't want to overfeed him because his belly is so big. It's almost like he's never satisfied!!!

I know I'm feeding him enough, but he doesn't seem to know that he's full. Does your toddler have an exploding belly but still seems hungry? Does he/she embarrasses you when you're out and tries to grab someones food (like you're starving him)? Please share your experience. I look forward to reading your stories and comments.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Planning Baby #2

So it is about that had your first baby and now you're ready for a new addition to the family. Or probably you had a girl and you're now ready to try for a boy or vice versa? So how do you know if you're ready? You can share how you knew, but for me, a housewife, it came naturally. My son is 18mths now and we have decided to bring in a new addition, because we wanted our kids to be at least 2yrs apart. That way they can relate to each other growing up...etc(or so we hope :)). More work for me..but I've already figured a routine with my toddler(or so I think)...just have to stick in a newborn. My main concern is how will I manage a living energy pill and carrying around a big My son was born 9.2lbs!!! That was a lot for a 5'2 skinny chick to carry around.

If you're planning on baby #2, ask yourself these four questions:
1. Am I financially ready for another baby?
2. Am I physically ready? check with your physician
3. Am I mentally ready?
4. Does my house have enough space for two kids?

If you answered yes to all the questions then you should be all set and ready to go.  You should consider being intimate on your most fertile days (for those unaware). You can download a period tracker app and it will show you when those days are.

Join me on my journey! In 15 days I'll let you know if there's a bun in the oven. I look forward to reading your stories and comments.